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The Tanks TATE

The Tanks TATE

When Tate Modern was a power station, The Tanks used to be storage rooms for oil.  This wide subterranean area of the museum completely preserved its rough, industrial look. The Tanks are characterised by a concrete structure, which still shows the marks and scars of its past life as oil storage. The nails protruding from the surfaces, the scratches on the walls and the damages that the time inflicted to the structure give value to the space and contribute to make it unique and special.

Nowadays, the Tanks are spaces permanently dedicated to live art, performances, installations and film of new emerging artists. The raw environment drastically contrasts with the new purpose of the Tanks. Contemporary installations and theatrical or dance performances look like a vision in this dark damaged environment. Furthermore, they stand out and the attention of the viewers is completely focused on them.

The Tanks are a perfect example of how an environment, that look to the most damaged and useless, can be reinvented taking on a different function. Today the Tanks are the most famous and peculiar museum galleries permanently dedicated to live art worldwide.

‘’No longer generating electricity, the Tanks generate ideas, creative energy and new possibilities for artists and audiences.’’ (TATE Website)