Umbrella Design


Mulberry New Bond Street

Mulberry Store

We returned to Mulberry Bond St. to appreciate one of our favourite luxury fashion schemes.

The main focus point of the store is a central circular wooden partition made of interconnected birch beams, which give life to an intricate and intriguing geometric composition. This is an example of how one great single element can conceive personality to a store, which in this way can step from a standard look to a sophisticated and elaborated one.

The shop is an interesting mix of luxury classic and Scandinavian style. The elements that predominate in the environment are birch wood and brass. The brave choice of juxtaposing a genuine raw material (birch wood) to golden brass elements turned out to be successful and elegant. The contrast between the simplicity of the wood and the opulence of the brass create a good balance, which makes clients feel more comfortable. Indeed, the aim of the designers was to make customers feel like at home. As the creative director Johnny Coca said: “I wanted the new Mulberry stores to be immersive environments with the feel of a home, a place to go and explore the modern British identity of the brand. Our stores are inspiring spaces that mix influences and references, they’re a place to rejoice, discover, learn and connect.”