Umbrella Design


Sparking Joy in Small Spaces

Minimalist lifestyles and techniques have been making leaps and bounds in society; through media and driven through the cost of living. ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo‎ has escalated this and has brought it to the forefront with the media in relation to de-cluttering: questioning whether your belongings ‘spark joy’ in your life.

Retail and living spaces are continuously being downsized, and the challenges that come with this require a new way of thinking and problem solving to strategically place items. New builds for the precise space required is costly and legally intensive for permissions, so businesses are reclaiming spaces in the forms of shipping containers, old tube trains and warehouses. Adaptable spaces such as Box Park give the flexibility of ever-changing spaces, especially for small businesses that cannot commit/afford to sign leases on long-term venue spaces.

Umbrella have been enchanted by a beautiful box encountered on our travels, designed in Estonia. KODA (by Kodesema) breaks down the worry of new-builds and provides a cube shaped site, which can be populated by offices, hotels, retail or living. It is approximately 30m^2 is completely adaptable and modular, bought one day and delivered the next, with no foundations requiredd. Retailers can buy into moveable areas and ‘tour’ around the country (or globe!). We are captivated by the minimalist style of the construction and interiors - the concrete exterior finish is textured and uses less than a 'normal' house foundation.

For £150k a pop, its a lifestyle to be fully invested in, and one to watch - back to sparking our possessions!